Close friends of Billy's at the Beach and those that knew Billy and the Craig family best: please hear the words of Patty's sister, Karen Johnson, and kindly consider a contribution. ๐Ÿ’™

"My nephew Christian is 10 years old and his dad has been sick for more than half of his short life. That illness prevented the option of getting life insurance, so my sister Patty and Christian enter the future with Patty's job as Christian's sole source of support. It is going to be a big adjustment for Patty who has suddenly become a widow and a single mom. Patty's one real concern is whether she will be able to afford to educate Christian in the not so far away future. As Billy's friends and family, we can step in the gap and honor him by helping Patty out. Our contributions will help Christian to get a college education, and provide the foundation for a responsible and productive adult life for this beloved boy who is growing up without his Dad. We all know how faithful and honest Patty is, and we know that Patty will safely tuck away whatever is donated exclusively for the use of college for Christian. This will make such a difference in both of their lives, providing security and comfort in this heartbreaking time. We will be forever thankful for any generosity you can provide." โ€”Karen Johnson

To make a contribution, please visit: