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Specialty Cocktails

Billy's at the Beach Mai Tai

Billy's Mai Tai 14
Our world famous combination of Bacardi Superior Rum, Orange Curacao, Billy’s secret Mai Tai mix, and a generous float of Diamond Head Dark Rum. Served over crushed ice in our custom Billy’s glass.

Billy's at the Beach Scorpion Bowl

Scorpion Bowl 28
Get ready for a trek to the fiery crest, and, bring a friend, 'cause nobody goes in alone and returns alive! Slosh your way through the citrus, rum and brandy, as you beat the heat of the 151 inferno in a big bowl of yum. Although, It’s not a race, enjoy!

Billy's at the Beach Margarita

Gold Medal Margarita 14
Named after the Olympic gold medal Billy won in the men’s 4x100 meter medley relay in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. This is how he liked his margarita: with gold tequila, fresh citrus, a touch of pineapple, and a Tajin rim!

Placeholder Cocktail.jpg

Anuenue 14
A Hawaiian rainbow rum smash of Bacardi, mint, lime, mango, orange juice, coconut water, sparkling water, and hibiscus tea.

Billy's at the Beach Navy Grog

Navy Grog 14
This Billy’s classic is fashioned from Bacardi Superior Rum, Meyer’s Dark Rum, Trader Vic’s Mai Tai mix, Trader Vic’s Orgeat Syrup, fresh lime juice, and topped with a float of Bacardi 151 Rum. Garnished with “bruised mint’’ and a rock candy stir stick. Served over crushed ice in our custom Billy’s glass.

Cucumber Crush.JPG

Cucumber Crush 14
Mixed with cucumber lime vodka, agave, cucumber, lime, and mint. This “Hugito Mojito” will have you blushin', and with the mint finish, we know you’ll be crushin’!


Flapinko 14
Float into summer all year long with this pink sparkler! Mixed with Grey Goose Citron, pink pitaya lemonade and sparkling water.

Lilikoi Lady.JPG

Lilikoi Lady 14
Straight up—keep it classy, but keep it Billy’s with this mix of Grey Goose Vodka, passion fruit, and fresh lemon.

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Watermelon Zombie 14
A summery riff on a tiki classic, shuffle your feet to this monster mash of Bacardi, fresh watermelon juice, lime, and grapefruit juice, crowned with a 151 rum float.

Piña Colada.JPG

Piña Colada 14
This fruity and creamy standard is made with Bacardi Superior Rum and Billy’s homemade Piña Colada mix.
Add Dark Rum Float 2
Add Strawberry or Mango 1

Billy's at the Beach Old Fashioned

Enviously Old Fashioned 14
100% Kentucky Angel's Envy bourbon, bitters, and our deliciously simple coconut syrup will surely satisfy your passion for the Old Fashioned.

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Put the Watermelon in the Coconut 14
Bring on the island vibes with this fresh mix of Bacardi, watermelon juice, coconut water, lime, and “drunken” watermelon cubes.

Mermaid to Order.JPG

Mermaid to Order 14
A fresh, fun, and flirty mix of Casamigos Blanco, fresh cilantro water and lemonade!

Naked Coconut.JPG

Naked Coconut 14
Our skinny coconut margarita, mixed with 1800 Coconut Tequila, fresh lime, and agave.


Wine by the Glass

Red (6oz/9oz)

Pinot Noir, Four Graces, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2016 15/22.5

Pinot Noir, Angeline, California, 2016 11/16.5

Merlot, Cannonball, Sonoma County, 2015 11/16.5

Cabernet Sauvignon, Justin, Paso Robles, 2016 18/27

Cabernet Sauvignon, Educated Guess, 2015 16/21

Cabernet Sauvignon, Hoopla, California, 2014 10/15

White (6oz/9oz)

Rosé, Chateau La Coste, Vin de Provence, France, 2016 11/16.5

Sauvignon Blanc, Decoy, Sonoma County, 2016 12/18

Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford, New Zealand, 2017 13/19.5

Pinot Gris, Duck Pond, Oregon, 2016 11/16

Chardonnay, Frank Family, Carneros, 2016 17/25.5

Chardonnay, Mer Soleil Reserve, Santa Lucia Highlands, 2015 14/21

Chardonnay, Ferrari Carano, Sonoma, 2015 13/19.5

Chardonnay, Hess, Monterey County, 2016 10/15

U IMG_0505.jpg


Veuve Clicquot Brut, France 20

Chandon Split, California 11

Chandon Rosé Split, California 11

Conundrum, California, 2016 10


Beer List

Import Bottles

Corona Extra, Mexican Lager 8

Corona Light, Mexican Light Lager 8

Hinano, Tahitian Lager 8

Heineken, Dutch Pilsner 8

St. Pauli Girl, German Pilsner (Non-Alcoholic) 8

Domestic Bottles

Bud Light, Lager 7

Coors Light, Lager 7

Michelob Ultra, Lager 7

Draft Beers (19oz.)

Stella Artois, Belgian Pilsner 8

Pacifico, Mexican Lager 8

Mango Cart, Golden Road Brewery, Fruit Wheat 9

Fire Rock, Kona Brewery, Pale Ale 8

Sculpin, Ballast Point, IPA 10

Towne Park, Blonde Ale 8